Kephir Starter Kit



Colour: Blue or White


Easily brew your own milk kefir and water kefir in a specifically designed glass jar, with swizzle stick, and printed booklet with 30+ recipes and squeezer to get you started making your own pro – biotic drink. Kefir is made using starter “grains,” which in reality are a combination of bacteria and yeasts that interact with the milk to make the lightly fermented drink that even lactose intolerant people can drink! It can be made from any source of milk, such as goat, sheep, cow, soy, rice or coconut. It can even be made using coconut water. kefir is a probiotic food that contains many bioactive compounds, including as many as 30 strains of good bacteria that help fight against ill health and disease. Kefir is one of the highest probiotic foods you can eat to support our guts 'microbiome '- our personal mix of gut bacteria – and homemade kefir far outranks any store-bought variety. Current research supports the use of Kephir daily to improve IBS and digestive issues, mood and energy levels and to dampens down inflammation throughout the body, such as in allergic skin conditions (exceama). It also boosts immunity which can impact the state of your daily life and health dramatically. To support this growing research there is also a great deal of anecdotal evidence from individuals who maintain it has and continues to help them. Check out our Kimchi Starter kit too !